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All India Reserve Bank Officers' Association, Bangalore.

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The Biennial Conference was held in Pune from 20th Oct 2011 to 23rd Oct 2011
A report on the deliberations will be  submitted by the Gen. Secretary. If you need a copy please mail to


A seminar on "Role of Reserve Bank in the Changing Economic Scenario" was held jointly by RBEA, RBWU & AIRBOA under the banner of United Forum of Bank Officers & Employees. The function was held in Yavanika on 16th Nov 2006.


Under the aegis of the United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees a Seminar was organized at “Yavanika”  on the 16th instant. Luminaries from the academic, political and trade union circles addressed the Seminar.


The Seminar was presided over by Shri. A.Govindaswamy, Secretary, All India Reserve Bank Employees Association. In his address, Shri Govindaswamy said that the RBI employees were not fighting for wages or career progression now. He told the audience that the Standing Committee on Finance has invited the leaders of RBI trade unions to discuss the matter threadbare.


The Seminar was declared open by Shri. VJK. Nair, Gen. Sec. CITU, State unit.


In his inaugural address Shri. Nair lamented on  the lack of Corporate Social responsibility of the present so called big business houses while highlighting the Corporate Social responsibility exhibited by the Public Sector Undertakings in Bangalore at the advent of industrialization after Independence. While praising the move of the RBI employees, he stressed the need to resurrect and re-establish our Constitution.


The key note address was delivered by Prof. Venkatesh Athreya, Head of the Department of Economics, Bharathidasan University and Programme Director, M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation.


In is address Prof. Athreya outlined the shift of Indian economy from one of Socialistic economy, which served the majority to the present, which is dominated by a minority moneyed people. He quoted extensively from the RBI Annual Report  to substantiate that the country was slowly being taken control over by Finance Capital flowing from the developed countries which are flush with funds and seek investment avenues in third world countries.


Shri. Sriram Reddy, M.L.A spoke about the importance of the Agrarian sector and the Govts’ indifference towards the farmers.He advised the working class to think beyond Trade union activity and analyse the political structure and strive to change it.


Shri. V.S. Mahadik, Gen. Sec All India Reserve Bank Workers’ Federation expressed his happiness over the coming together of all the RBI staff irrespective of cadre and said that the present fight was not against RBI but against the enemies of India.


Shri Satish A.Sawant, General Secretary, All India Reserve Bank Officers’ Association stressed on the need of unity amongst all  and exhorted all to  strengthen the United Forum of Reserve Bank Employees & Officers Association.


Shri. Sylvester D’Souza, Secretary, RBEA welcomed the gathering while Shri RV Lakshmiratan, Secretary, AIRBOA, Bangalore unit proposed the vote of thanks. 


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